Multivariate Analysis for Ecologists: Step-by-Step

Multivariate Analysis for Ecologists: Step-by-Step


Multivariate Analysis for Ecologists: Step-by-Step is a book by Dr. JeriLynn E Peck that answers your questions:

  • What are multivariate data?

  • How should I prepare my data?

  • Which analysis tools should I use?

  • What do they do?

  • Do they have weaknesses?

  • How do I interpret the output?

This richly illustrated second edition, published by MjM Software Design 2016, will help you answer those questions by providing a step-by-step process for approaching your multivariate community data analysis project.  Simple explanations and diagrams explain the tools, recipes walk you though the process using the PC-ORD software, and guidance is given on everything from ensuring sampling independence to when to rotate an ordination.  Each technique has sections on:

  • what it's good for

  • what it actually does

  • what it means

  • what you need in order to run it

  • what you get in the output

  • what you should know about its strengths and weaknesses

  • how to run it in PC-ORD v.7

  • when you should use it


Table of Contents, Preface, and Cover

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Peck, JeriLynn. Multivariate Analysis for Ecologists: Step-by-Step. MJM Software, Gleneden Beach, Oregon, 2016. 192 pages.

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