Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data For Windows 98, 00, ME, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

PC-ORD performs multivariate analysis of ecological data entered in spreadsheets. Our emphasis is on nonparametric tools, graphical representation, randomization tests, and bootstrapped confidence intervals for analysis of community data. In addition to utilities for transforming data and managing files, PC-ORD offers many ordination and classification techniques not available in major statistical packages including: CCA, DCA, Indicator Species Analysis, Mantel tests and partial Mantel tests, MRPP, PCoA, perMANOVA, RDA, two-way clustering, TWINSPAN, Beals smoothing, diversity indices, species lists, many ordination overlay methods (quantitative, symbol-coding, color-coding, grid, joint plot, biplot, successional vector), various rotation methods, 3-D ordination graphics, Bray-Curtis ordination, city-block distance measures, species-area curves, tree data summaries, publication-quality dendrograms, and autopilot mode nonmetric multidimensional scaling (NMS or NMDS). Very large data sets can be analyzed. Most operations accept a matrix up to 32,000 rows or 32,000 columns and up to 536,848,900 matrix elements, provided that you have adequate memory in your computer. The terminology is tailored for ecologists. The full manual is included as a context-sensitive help system.

  • The license is perpetual (does not require annual fee or renewal).

  • The software is standalone (can be used without internet connection).

  • The software is delivered by download; nothing is shipped unless books are ordered.