Dr. Jeri Peck

Jeri Peck is a forest community ecologist with 20 years of experience teaching introductory multivariate analyses to fellow ecologists around the globe.  She has been a researcher at universities in Oregon, Minnesota, Missouri, and Pennsylvania and a federal lab in Switzerland, has consulted with the BLM, Forest Service, and The Nature Conservancy, and taught over 70 workshops on multivariate analysis in dozens of states and nations.  Jeri began her career steeped in bryology and lichenology and thus working with species community datasets, but switched mid-career to the study of forest structure and now works mostly with habitat/environmental datasets.  The exposure to both of these very common and quite different types of ecological datasets informs the short-courses she provides for students and professional ecologists, for which she wrote the Step-by-Step book.  Currently Jeri works for Penn State, where she collaborates with the Applied Ecology (Silviculture) Lab on forest structure and offers instructional webinars several times during the academic year.  During her summers, though, she can be found exploring the natural and cultural landscapes of her native Oregon or western Europe.