Analysis of Ecological Communities

Analysis of Ecological Communities


Analysis of Ecological Communities is a book by Bruce McCune, James B. Grace, and Dean L. Urban on methods for analyzing multivariate data in community ecology, published by MjM Software Design, 2002. Bruce McCune is a professor of Department of Botany & Plant Pathology at Oregon State University, co-author of PC-ORD software, and author of several lichen books.

Analysis of Ecological Communities offers a rationale and guidance for selecting appropriate, effective, analytical methods in community ecology. The book is suitable as a textbook and reference book on methods for multivariate analysis of ecological communities and their environments. The book covers distance measures, data transformation, outlier analysis, ordination, cluster analysis, PCA, RA, CA, DCA, NMS, CCA, Bray-Curtis, MRPP, Mantel test, discriminant analysis, twinspan, classification and regression trees, structural equation modeling, and more. It also includes brief treatments of community sampling and diversity measures. The 304 page book is richly illustrated. It provides many examples from the literature and demonstrations of basic principles with simulated and real data sets.


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McCune, B. and J. Grace with contribution from D. Urban. 2002. Analysis of Ecological Communities. MJM Software, Gleneden Beach, Oregon. 304 pages.

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