PC-ORD 6 Fixes

These are PC-ORD Version 6 and associated fixes (specific list of fixes below).

Note these fixes will only work if you have purchased PC-ORD Version 6.

Download if the last version update below is greater than your version noted in the Help/About of PC-ORD.

PC-ORD Fixes 6.22 (6749 KB)

XP or Earlier


Vista or 7 or 8 or 10

  1. Download and save the fix file as
    pc6fixes.exe in your
    My Downloads folder.

  2. If PC-ORD is already running,
    exit before continuing.

  3. With Windows Explorer, navigate
    to the My Downloads folder and
    right click on pc6fixes.

  4. From the popup menu select
    Run As and then uncheck
    Protect my computer and data
    from unauthorized program activity

  1. Download and save the fix file as
    pc6fixes.exe in your
    Downloads folder.

  2. If PC-ORD is already running,
    exit before continuing.

  3. With Windows Explorer, navigate
    to the Downloads folder and
    right click on pc7fixes.

  4. From the popup menu select
    Run As Administrator

  5. Leave the "overwrite" box checked.

Click here to start download of pc6fixes.exe (self extracting)


Click here to start download of pc6fixes.zip

You will know the update was successful when the PC-ORD title bar
reflects the latest version number above.

Most recent machines have 64 bit Windows, but if you have an older 32-bit machine, when you run pc7fixes.exe, click the Browse button and change "Unzip to folder:"
                 C:\Program Files (x86)\PCORD 6
                C:\Program Files\PCORD 6

If after updating you get a script error with the PC-ORD help,
do the follow to register the HHActiveX.dll

  1. Click the Windows Start button.

  2. Select Run.

  3. In Open, enter one of the following:

    For 64 bit (x64) Windows enter
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\PCORD 6\HHActiveX.dll"

    For 32 bit Windows enter
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\PCORD 6\HHActiveX.dll"

  4. Click OK.


Specific PC-ORD Fixes.

* ver. 6.22  Indicator Species Analysis averages across species now exclude empty species. Modify Data | Multiply Matrices, adjusted optional normalization procedure to depend on multiplication option (see Help).

* ver. 6.21  Fixed Graph | 3D tick labels clumping in corner on some systems.

* ver. 6.20  Fixed perMANOVA incorrect p values (~1) for pairwise contrasts in mixed model.

* ver. 6.19  Fixed biplot inflation factor in RDA, scaling option 1, in rare case when all vectors are negative.  Fixed normalization option in Modify Data | Matrix Multiplication (all elements affected by a constant).

* ver. 6.18  Added *.jpg compression option and fixed *.jpg and *.gif graph output for very large files.

* ver. 6.17  Improved behavior of jittering of one-dimensional ordinations.

* ver. 6.16  Fixed error listing control distance matrix for partial Mantel test.

* ver. 6.15  Fixed Excel Importing with saving or appending Result File.

* ver. 6.14  In RDA fixed failure to complete procedure when listing large matrix to result file.

* ver. 6.13  In RDA fixed mislabelling of columns in optional listing of centered predictor matrix.

* ver. 6.12  Fixed Graph | Cluster Dendrogram, Two-way Cluster Dendrogram, and Ordered Main Matrix scrolling towards the top when left clicked.

* ver. 6.11  In CCA weighted correlation matrix was reported twice; replaced one with unweighted correlation matrix.

* ver. 6.10  Fixed saving 3D graphs as bitmap.

* ver. 6.09  Fixed Boxplot vertical axis tick marks with Resolution > 100%

* ver. 6.08  Fixed Scaterplot Matrix with Resolution > 100%.

* ver. 6.07  Changed default tie handling option in NMS to Kruskal's strategy 2.   Fixed calculation of cutoff scores in NMS Scores in the case of user-defined extrapolation limit.

* ver. 6.06  Fixed 'Invalid variant operation' error when Excel not installed.

* ver. 6.05  Changed Indicator Species Analysis to allow inclusion of species (columns) that have no absences.  Corrected calculation of standard deviation of the SumF statistic across the randomized runs.  (Other statistics from SumF were not affected).  Changed location of for PC-ORD temporary files to the user's Application Data or AppData\MjM Software Design\PCORD 6 folder for compatibility with Vista and Win 7 and added Documents\PCORD folder for the default location for user file storage.  Removed block of File | Export | Simple CSV format.

* ver. 6.04  For standardized PCA, prediction equations are now written as a long string of characters into a text file for use in ArcGIS and other software.

* ver. 6.03  Fixed Graph | Cluster Dendrogram when printing more than one page.  Changed NMS handling of empty row problem in randomization test (instead of aborting, the run is continued but without the randomization test).  Adjusted non-Autopilot defaults for more thorough search (on the NMS Setup dialog, select the Parameter Setup tab and click Page Defaults).

* ver. 6.02  Fixed unnecessary exclusion of species from Indicator Species Analysis.

* ver. 6.01  Fixed misalignment of print, save, and copy of successional vectors overlay when showing side scatterplots.