Volume 1: Microlichens of the Pacific Northwest: Key to the Genera

Volume 1: Microlichens of the Pacific Northwest: Key to the Genera


Volume 1, Key to the Genera (iv + 218 pages) provides a general introduction to microlichens, generously illustrated keys to the genera, a glossary, and an index.  It includes 623 illustrations (mostly color photographs and a few black-and-white line drawings) and encompasses 253 genera.

The two volumes comprising Microlichens of the Pacific Northwest provide, for the first time in one place, comprehensive illustrated keys to the genera (Volume 1) and species (Volume 2) of microlichens from the Pacific Northwest of North America.  Microlichens (crustose lichens and other lichen forms that often require a compound microscope for study) encompass a vast range of forms and contribute greatly to the biodiversity of the region and the world; their species richness is, however, often unrecognized.  These volumes will greatly enhance knowledge and appreciation of these fascinating organisms, as they provide a synthesis of what is currently known about their biodiversity, distribution, and abundance in the Pacific Northwest.

Vol.1 cover photos by Tim Wheeler.

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McCune, Bruce. 2017. Microlichens of the Pacific Northwest. Volume 1: Key to the Genera. Wild Blueberry Media, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A. iv + 218 pages.

Volume 1 ISBN: 9-780998-710808

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