HyperNiche Version 2 Fixes

These are HyperNiche version 2 and associated fixes.
You will get all the fixes when you download (Specific List Below).
Note these fixes will only work if you have purchased HyperNiche Version 2.
Download if the last version update below is greater than your version noted in the Help | About of HyperNiche.

HyperNiche Fixes 2.30 (4238 KB)

XP or Earlier


Vista or 7 or Later

  1. Download and save the fix file as
    niche2fixes.exe in your
    My Downloads folder.

  2. If HyperNiche is already running,
    exit before continuing.

  3. With Windows Explorer, navigate
    to the My Downloads folder and
    right click on niche2fixes.

  4. From the popup menu select
    Run As and then uncheck
    Protect my computer and data
    from unauthorized program activity

  1. Download and save the fix file as
    niche2fixes.exe in your
    Downloads folder.

  2. If HyperNiche is already running,
    exit before continuing.

  3. With Windows Explorer, navigate
    to the Downloads folder and
    right click on niche2fixes.

  4. From the popup menu select
    Run As Administrator

Click here to start download of niche2fixes.exe

You will know the update was successful when the HyperNiche title bar
reflects the latest version number above.

If you do NOT have 64 bit (x64) Windows, when you run niche2fixes.exe,
click the Browse button and change the Unzip to folder
                 C:\Program Files (x86)\HyperNiche 2
                C:\Program Files\HyperNiche 2

If after updating you get a script error with the HyperNiche
help, do the follow to register the HHActiveX.dll

  1. Click the Windows Start button.

  2. Select Run.

  3. In Open, enter the following:
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\HyperNiche 2\HHActiveX.dll"

  4. Click OK.


Specific HyperNiche Fixes.

* ver. 2.30 Fixed Graph | 3D Projection tick labels clumping in corner on some systems.

* ver. 2.29  Maintenance Update

* ver. 2.28  Fixed New Sites | File for Spreadsheet (Excel)

* ver. 2.27  Added *.jpg compression option and fixed *.jpg and *.gif graph output for very large files.

* ver. 2.26  Fixed randomization test failure to complete, affected multiple linear regression only.  Fixed Graph Resolution dialog.

* ver. 2.25  Allow Prediction | New Sites files to be *.xls or *.xlsx.

* ver. 2.24  Improved contour labeling.

* ver. 2.23  Fixed premature termination of randomization test with binary response and small sample size.

* ver. 2.22  Fixed Boxplot vertical axis tick marks with Resolution > 100%

* ver. 2.21  Fixed Scaterplot Matrix with Resolution > 100%.  Fixed Z axis tick marking for some ranges.

* ver. 2.20  Fixed Graph | Fit Response Curves | 3D Slices, last number in legend.

* ver. 2.19  Prediction | GIS updated to use real numbers in ASCII grids (previously expected integers grids as in Help examples).

* ver. 2.18  Fixed 'Invalid variant operation' error when Excel not installed.

* ver. 2.17  Changed  Prediction | Response to Categoricals so that an estimate of the mean is given for each category regardless of the neighborhood size.

* ver. 2.16  Changed location of for HyperNiche temporary files to the user's Application Data or AppData\MjM Software Design\HyperNiche 2 folder for compatibility with Vista and Win 7 and added Documents\HyperNiche folder for the default location for user file storage.

* ver. 2.15  Fixed Fit Model | Evaluate All Models index error when no models are selected.  Corrected small example for sensitivity analysis in companion document.  Improved formatting of model evaluation for Fit Model | Evaluate Selected Model.

* ver. 2.14  Sensitivity analysis changed to match original publication, measuring sensitivity relative to the range in the observed response values rather than the range in the estimated response values.  See companion document for details of calculation and an example with a tiny data set.  Because of this change, sensitivities calculated from earlier versions of HyperNiche should not be compared with sensitivities from this version onward.  Also replaced routine for calculating p-value from F statistic in least-squares regression, allowing runs with very large data sets.

* ver. 2.13  Fixed occasional seemingly random "access violation" errors when generating 3D response surfaces.

* ver. 2.12  Improved handling of evaluation of hand-edited models.

* ver. 2.11  Added threshold strength statistics to Fit Response Curves | 2D and 3D.  Updated companion pdf in Help system and other parts of Help.

* ver. 2.10  Added DPI Publication Size Calculator to Graph | File | Resolution.

* ver. 2.09  Eliminated very large temporary file produced with GIS predictions

* ver. 2.08  Fixed out-of-range values in GIS predictions, the problem introduced after v. 2.01.  Added Boxplot | Preferences | Styles | Box Color.  Added to all Graphs | Preferences | Format | Gray Shades for Colors.  Added Graphs | Preferences | Symbols with twice the previous maxium size.  Improved Matrix repair algorithm for missing values.

* ver. 2.07  Fixed “floating point overflow” error with Scatterplot.  Fixed consecutive model numbering.

* ver. 2.06  Improved precision of predictors in 3D response graph with slices.

* ver. 2.05  Fixed Boxplot with negative numbers.

* ver. 2.04  Improved the Graph | Boxplot | Define Graph Range.  Fixed failure to import *.csv file with a small number of columns (one or two).

* ver. 2.03  Fixed access violation with Evaluate Selected Model.  Fixed access violation when graphing Boxplots twice in a row.

* ver. 2.02  Improvement in Graph | Boxplot setup.  Fix for analysis progress bar not visible after screensaver wakes up.  Fixed PC-ORD transparent windows on some computers.  Faster sorting algorithm for Models Delete All But Best Fits and Delete All But Best For N Predictors.

* ver. 2.01  Fixed stratified random sampling failure to run.