Comparison of HyperNiche and R


To our knowledge there is no public fully nonparametric NPMR in R, while HyperNiche offers this, smoothly integrated with overfitting controls, randomization tests, bootstrapping, and GIS support.  Nor are we aware of any nonparametric regression in R that automatically builds leave-one-out crossvalidation into the model selection phase.

The user experience in HyperNiche differs radically R.  To build appropriate species distribution or habitat models in R, you must learn the R programming language, manually identify, hunt down, and download the necessary 'packages', and modify the code as necessary to achieve your analysis objectives and obtain suitable graphics.   HyperNiche offers ease of use, the convenience of a point-and-click graphical user interface, the power and flexibility of interactive graphics, a built-in context-sensitive help system, and free dedicated technical support; none of which is available in R. HyperNiche thus enables you to quickly and confidently select, run, and interpret appropriate analyses and produce tailored, publication quality graphics.

HyperNiche Features not Found in R

* Integrated Fast and easy Windows menu-driven analysis and graphing integrated into a single program
* Supported Free one-day email technical feedback for both software and analysis questions
* Flexible Menu-driven parameter setup options allowing appropriately tailored analyses
* Comprehensive Includes major analysis tools plus unique tools for community analyses
* Help System Extensive context-sensitive help system

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