HyperNiche 1

Support for HyperNiche version 1 has been discontinued and has been superseded for over 10 years by HyperNiche 2, which incorporates many important improvements over the first version.

Changes in version 2.x from 1.x:

New graphics:

  • Contour lines added. Contour plots use shading or lines or both.

  • Slices plot Stacked slices of a 3D response surface.

  • Boxplots (simple or 1-way or 2-way grouping)

New analyses

  • Two and a half times faster than previous version

  • Bootstrap resampling for confidence intervals or quantiles for measures of fit.

  • Variability bands for predictions and graphs based on bootstrap resampling.

  • Validation of bootstrap samples against reserved data set

  • Model | Evaluate All. -- evaluates a list of models, one at a time, and tabulates results for easy comparison)

  • Added January 2011: threshold strength statistics

Data management and sampling

  • Random and stratified random sampling. Modify Data | Random sample.

  • Filter rows by criterion variable in main or second matrix.

  • Import Excel Simple Spreadsheet

  • Export Excel Simple Spreadsheet

  • Tools | Find Duplicate Names

  • Tools | Go To Cell

Enhanced graphics

  • Multiple graph types on single graph (scatterplot + fitted line)

  • Increased to 32 colors and symbols

  • Hide symbols for particular groups: Groups | Hide Categories

  • Last Graph repeats the previous graph.

  • Added text tool to place new labels anywhere on graphs.

  • Print preview with zoom


  • Easy-to-use, automated settings to control flexibility and parsimony (see Key Controls for Flexibility and Parsimony)

  • Smarter default for "Minimum neighborhood size for estimate." Formerly, for the purpose of graphing, the default was a constant (1). In version 2 the default is based 0.5 x N*, where N* is the average neighborhood size from the model fitting phase for the selected model.

  • Option to view row numbers and column letters as in Excel.